Aug. 9, 2018 Board Meeting

Board meeting called to order by Pj Christie at 12:07pm on August 8, 2018

Attendance: Emily Leach, PJ Christie and Joey McGirr


  • Review viability of TFA as a sustainable organization
  • Review current programming, membership and financial status
  • Identify path forward


  • The organization will remain as the Texas Freelance Association for no less than 12 months. With the focus on statewide membership programming.
  • The organization will redefine a set of programs, rebuild the website and membership platform to prepare for a re-launch event in October 2018.

Action Items:

  • Redesign website and move to TFA owned server
  • Take ownership of all social accounts
  • Update all branding back to the original TFA logo, messaging and colors
  • Create an operational budget for 2019
  • Plan a “State of TFA” event to re-launch the organization in October
  • Research and identify a community membership platform that will support and foster the online conversations and growth in to the future.

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