5 Write-In Tips

So you’re having a write-in. That means you’ve either found a write-in or located a fantastic coffee shop somewhere to go sit with other like-minded individuals who have one singular goal of putting words on the page.

Great! Now what?

Here are some great tips:

Atmosphere Is Everything

So you’ve decided to leave the comfort of your home to go out and socialize in silence with others. Every writer has their favorite place to nest while they write. Write-ins are no exception to that rule. Speaking of rules, make sure to keep these three in mind. Choose a spot with a good view, good lighting and preferably with a power outlet!

Bring Headphones

Let’s be honest, coffee shops can sometimes get loud. Nothing is worse than really wanting to focus on writing but all you can hear is the espresso machine every 30 seconds. Sure, that’s never bothered you before but it is sure to be a pest when you’re feeling the heat of a 2K deadline and a case of writer’s block. Hey, it happens!

Put On Your Blinders

Be prepared, people watching is very useful when writing a narrative. It gives you little details that you might have thought to add before. It can also be very distracting. Use the Pomodoro method, sprints of 20 minutes or even word wars with your fellow writers to get the flow going and really keep your focus laser sharp!

Don’t forget your power adapter

Nothing is worse than having a low battery when you’re feeling your creativity thriving and the words just want to come pouring out of you! If you happen to forget your power adapter, the trip home isn’t worth it and you are desperate then consider using Amazon Prime Now. It has been a life-saver to those living the laptop life when stuck in a bad situation.

Bring a notebook and pen

Whether you’re a planner or pantser (aka someone who writes by the seat of their pants, without an outline), it’s always good to have a notebook to keep notes of thoughts, track research and even write long-handed if that’s your thing. Worst case scenario if your laptop battery dies and you can’t charge it then you always have a good old fashioned pen and paper to keep you going!

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