Why Social Media Is Important for Freelancers


While it is one of the most prominent aspects of our business it is often times subject of the most anxiety and frustration for new Freelancers. Most don’t think about Social Media as a requirement in their field of work. However, when making the transition from your nine to five job to strictly Freelancing what you don’t know is that Social Media is about to become your best friend.


Let’s face it, even if you don’t use it, see no purpose for it in your personal life and just don’t want to be connected virtually to the rest of the world. Most everyone has it in some fashion and even depends on it to gain new information about services, goods or people before making the decision to move forward with a relationship; whether business or personal. But what use it is to a Freelancer really?


Freelancers are looked to, to meet the needs of Businesses and other Freelancers to fill in the gaps for an on-demand workforce. Because of this, it is their job to redefine what their role actually is and that requires a certain amount of trust. While Freelancing is still a relatively new concept, the individual is left to find resources to drive their business beyond their tight inner circle. This often creates the hurdle of confusion of “How do I Freelance?”  This resource is social media outreach.

To keep it simple, I’ll cover only Facebook & three key features that it has to offer.


Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is basically a landing page of a great wealth of information for Consumers just waiting for you to make use of it. It is basically free advertising for your business.

Visual Cues are an easy target marketing strategy and Facebook was spot on when creating the layout and content strategy for Facebook Pages. At the top of the page you’re given a Profile Photo and Header image. Now, let’s assume that you’ve never used Facebook, let alone Social Media. These two key features are an absolute MUST. If your Business page doesn’t have anything that is recognizable beside the silhouette of a mystery man and a black background, then you’ve killed your first opportunity for trust with your potential Client or Customer.

You want to brand your page to reflect your business. If you’re a freelancer and the service that you offer is Business Coaching, then your product is you and all of your fabulous knowledge. Input information in the About Section about your services, set your hours & be consistent about posting content.




Facebook Groups

Whether you join an existing group or create one that you’ll run the important thing to understand about Facebook Groups is that they are a Community of People just like you and me. They have good days and bad days and they want to learn, network & do the very same things you do.

So you have this Group and now you don’t know what to do with it? Great! First things first, this Community of People are what will make or break the group; at this point it is no longer your group. It is there’s. I know, that doesn’t seem right but really but it is. Your job is to drive the conversation, add content to start new conversations and share information related to the purpose of the group and create and maintain a solid voice that your Community will learn to depend on.

So where do I get this content? Well that’s a conversation for a whole other post. But for the sake of guidance to get your started. Become a subject matter expert. Create original content. This means blog posts, visual assets, webinars and podcasts!


Facebook Ads

With over 3 million advertisers, Facebook has become one of the largest most reached to platforms for advertising Freelance services. There are plenty of options for targeting your market reach and an ability to pay per click; making what was once a static image both affordable and actionable.

One strategy that many Freelancers use is to build their business around virtual webinars using Facebook as their main resource for advertising within their hosted group. They’ll create a group based on a specific topic within their target market. Invite a few members and as that group grows both organically and potentially through Facebook Ad Market Targeting they will have curated an entire market base for their own advertising. That sounds gimmicky doesn’t it? Well, the trick is to be both strategic AND gentle by providing free value.

A great example of this is a group about entrepreneurship where the community drives the conversation and owner is placed in charge of creating subject matter. “Win Wednesday, Favorite Book Friday, Target Tuesday” Periodically they’ll create a FB Ad targeting entrepreneurs.

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