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Give Freelancers the Same Respect You’d Give Your Plumber

Freelancers – designers, writers, photographers and other professionals – don’t earn a salary. Instead, we get paid when we complete projects for clients. That’s why the following post on Craigslist really got under my skin:

Craigslist post:

Logo Needed (Austin)

I am looking for a designer to create a simple logo. I am a small business that sells a medical device. [Details omitted]

If you are interested in the gig, please send me an example of the direction you would like to go with the logo, and what your rate is for this gig.

If you do not provide an example and/or a rate, I will delete your email. Please don’t waste your time or mine.


My response:

I would be happy to provide you with an example of the direction to go with for the logo, at my normal hourly rate.

Please understand that I am a professional designer and I do not give my work away. Even a plumber will charge to come to your house, diagnose your problem, and give you an estimate. Graphic Design is a skilled trade like any other.

All designers ask is the same respect you would give your plumber.

In addition, I would not dream of jumping ahead to this step without first:

1. Having you fill out a questionnaire detailing the look & feel you want to project, your target demographic, your competition, what makes your product unique, etc.

2. Researching your competition so that your logo would not look too much like any existing logo in current use, and yet not too dissimilar.

3. Establishing a budget and timeline.

If you will not agree pay me for my work, I will delete your email. Please don’t waste your time or mine.


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