Why LinkedIn as a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, chances are you can work with clients from more than the city you occupy. The great thing with social media is the ability to find those clients around the world. LinkedIn can be one of the easiest and greatest ways to do this. Here are 4 things beyond your profile you can take advantage of so it’s not just an online resume.

Showcase your work:

One way to present work is through SlideShare, which links with your LinkedIn profile. SlideShare is a great way to visualize your work. As it’s linked with your profile, sharing to LinkedIn is easy.

With so many sections on your LinkedIn profile, fill out what is relevant to you and your industry. Adding grades from college may not be something you want to add, however continuing education certification would be useful to add.

Engaging with your connections:

From liking updates or anniversaries to starting discussions or answering questions; your connections will be looking for answers. These are all touch points to staying top of mind. When their connections see you answering questions, who’s to say they don’t have the same questions? Look beyond your connections when engaging with them.

The buyer persona on LinkedIn Groups:

With a free account on LinkedIn, you have access to join 50 groups. Be strategic in picking groups, make sure to check them out first and see if they are active. Look to breakdown the groups you join by:

  • Your Industry
  • Your Territory
  • Your Buyer Persona

This allows you to continually build connections, see what your ideal clients need, and offer your ability to assist anyone with questions. If you get into a group and nothing is happening, move on to another.


Further showcase your expertise and get links to share on other social media channels through blogging. What content is out there in your industry? What questions do you get asked when working with clients? Think about ways you can add value to your connections’ experience on LinkedIn and let them learn more about you. Build out a simple editorial calendar to keep yourself active on pulse. Another key factor, all your connections get a notification when you post a new pulse article.


LinkedIn can be a valuable asset if you know where to look and what to do. You have to make it more than a static online resume. Are you taking advantage of all these options? Is there something else you do that works?

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