Are You Tweeting Me

Are you up for the challenge? Do you know what you are getting yourself into? Yes freelancers, it’s time for you to join Twitter! I know I mentioned this before (see it here), but I love Twitter. And hopefully after this blog, you’ll understand why you should too.

Here are a handful of my value propositions for the platform:


The platform becomes a search engine. Hashtags ‘#’ help to organize and find exactly what you are looking for. On any given day, TweetDeck is an amazing way to watch and monitor. Find relevant #’s that lead to the people and information you want. Then you can easily add value or offer services. This gives you direct access to potential clients, to meet the competition, and to showcase your expertise.


An ‘expert’ in your industry is hosting a #TwitterChat or you see a tweet that triggers a conversation. The platform lends itself to short, simple, sweet Q&A’s you can use to your advantage. Ask opened ended questions on Twitter, and when people engage the tweet, check out who they are. Anytime I someone engages with a tweet or follows me, I’ll always check them out!

The Mighty Link

Sharing links back to your site or your business is part of a larger Marketing/SEO/SMO strategy. The question here becomes are people staying on the page you presented? The longer they stay, the better the boost your online presence gets. You should always be sharing links back to web pages, blogs, etc. to elaborate on what you’re talking about on Twitter. You can only say so much with 140 characters!

Sharing is Caring

Embrace your Twitter community. Share the love by helping to promote them, and they will do the same. Happily share information from your followers that fits in with your brand, personality, and business. When sharing, think about how you can enhance the message to fit your audience. Twitter’s updated Retweet feature allows you more space to add your message while still keeping the original tweet in tact.

Check me out on twitter @jasonfreshly or @thefreshideagrp to see me in action!  Until next time, don’t get frustrated with social media–just contact me 🙂

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